i like to stitch and paint and knit and sketch and bake and cut and glue and read and dismantle

i'll post a mix of work by myself and others, and make it obvious when it's my own

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    I really want to make one and give it to chelsea for her 20th :’)

    Dolls by Mimi Kirchner


    Made an earring holder, even though I have no earrings, and the ones I have are scratty & homemade.


    Tea stain bird on a branch.


    Five DIY Map Based Romantic Crafts:

    1. DIY Framed Maps “You, Where we met, Me” (melodyannesp) here. via melodyannesp  
    2. DIY Love Map (Minimoz) here.
    3. DIY Map Wall Art (kayla danelle) here. via throughherprettyeyes 
    4. DIY Heart String Art “Him, Us, Her” (Southern Belle Soul) here. 
    5. DIY “I Will Find You” Map and Lace Pendant Necklace (Maxium Rabbit Designs) here. 


    Fill an ice cube tray with melted chocolate, add berries. Freeze. Yum.

    Totally doing this! :O


    DIY Thrifted Shirt into Pencil Skirt Tutorial. Because this shirt was made out of stretchy fabric it was easy to turn it into a skirt. Tutorial from Trash to Couture here.  *Love the on trend semi-photo realistic graphics.

    white chocolate, hazelnut & cranberry cookies


    → What would you think of me now?: DIY: Pair of shorts


    DIY Shorts Using Fabric Insets for the Sides.


    I’ve been itching to make DIY shorts for a couple of weeks na. So, I’ll show you how I did mine. (Well, actually my mom made it but anyway. Love you, Ma!)


    Here’s a pair of jeans that I used to wear when I was 10 years old or so and it was too small for me. This is where the magic begins.


    Cut the jeans into your desired length.


    Once you got the desired length, start cutting both sides. 

    This part was a bit challenging to do since the metal buttons (?) are way too hard to remove.



    When you’re done with the sides, measure how much cloth you’ll need to add. 


    Then, make big stitches to keep them stable before sewing it. 


    Remember to sew it twice when you’re using the sewing machine just to be sure and cut the hanging threads and stuff. 

    Yup. I think that’s it? Thankyou! ☺



    Roundup of Two to Four Ingredient Recipes. I came across this two ingredient lemon cake bar recipe (#! on list) today (have not tried it but it’s probably very sweet like similar recipes in the list) and it reminded me of the other recipes I’ve posted and tried with success:

    1. Two Ingredient Lemon Cake Bars. Tutorial at Kathe with an E here.
    2. Two Ingredient Low Calorie Strawberry Cake (Lady with the Red Rocker) here
    3. Three Ingredient DIY Oreo Puddin’ Poke Cake (the Country Cook) here
    4. Three Ingredient Three Minute Foolproof Chocolate Mint Fudge (V and Co.) here.
    5. Four Ingredient Nutella Rice Krispies Treats (sticky gooey creamy chewy) here.
    6. Three Ingredient Butterbeer a.k.a. Butterscotch Soda (Cherry Tea Cakes) here.
    7. Two Ingredient  Pumpkin Cake with Apple Cider Glaze (The Big Red Kitchen) here.
    8. Three Ingredient Bluberry Butter (Not Without Salt) here.
    9. Three Ingredient Strawberry Fudge (Cookies & Cups) here.


    DIY Reading Nook or Hideout Using a Hand Quilting Hoop. How-to at Sew Liberated here. *I’ve also seen tutorials that use hula hoops.

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